How to See Which Posts You Have Liked on Facebook In Just 4 Clicks?

Are you looking to see posts you have liked on Facebook?

Here is a detail guide on how to see which posts you have liked on facebook. There comes a time when you remember something that you have liked in the past but can’t exactly find the link. The good thing is that Facebook stores all your activity so that you can later view things you want to see. Whether it is a comment you have liked, or a post, you can still see all the likes you have made in the past.

Facebook has a activity log where you can see all the activities you have done in the past. Similar feature is also available on Instagram where you can see posts you have liked on instagram.

How to See Posts You Have Liked on Facebook?

Facebook design is different for Mobile and Computer and the features are placed differently. It is important to follow the steps mentioned below for the correct device.

  1. For iPhone/iPad
  2. For Android
  3. For Computer

1. How to See Liked Posts on Facebook iPhone?

Step 1: Open Faecbook App and Click on the “Menu” the 3 horizontal lines and then “Setting“.

Step 2: Scroll down and find “Activity Log” under “Your Information” section.

Step 3: Drag the options shown to the left side unit you find the “Likes and Reactions” button. Click on it and you will see all the posts you have liked on facebook.

How to see posts you have liked on facebook

2. How to See Posts you’ve Liked on Facebook App for Android?

Step 1: Click on “Menu” and then “Setting“.

Step 2: Scroll down and find “Activity Log” and click on it.

Step 3: Scroll to the left side until you find the “Likes and Reactions“.

how to see liked videos on facebook

3. How to See Posts you Liked on Facebook for Computer?

Step 1: Click on your Profile Picture and then click on “Setting”.

Step 2: Click on “Activity Log”

See Liked Posts on Computer

Step 3: At the left side find “Interactions” and click on “Likes and Reactions

Comments you have liked on Facebook

This is how to see liked videos on facebook, or posts and comments that you have liked in the past. You can scroll down to see the older as well.

FAQ for Posts You Have Liked on Facebook:

The instructions mentioned above are working in 2022. Although Facebook make changes all the time and if there is any change in the design, then might not find the feature on the exact place that is shown in the above screenshots. So make sure to go through the options and find the exact location of the feature.

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