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Every day, people are contacted from phone numbers that they don’t recognize and the first thing comes to mind is that who called me from this phone number?

If you received a call from a number that you don’t recognize, it can be unsettling. Maybe the person on the other end of the line was trying to sell you something or ask for your personal information. In most cases, these calls are spam; however, there is no way to know for sure that who called me from this phone number. If you don’t recognize the number, it’s best to just ignore it and hope that they stop calling.

However, if the number keeps calling and harassing you, then you can report it to your local authorities or service provider. Some numbers may be from telemarketers or scammers, so it’s important to be cautious and do some research before picking up.

If someone calls you from a number that you don’t recognize, the best thing to do is simply answer the call and ask who is calling. Sometimes people leave voicemails or text messages with information about who they are or what they want, so it can be worth checking out their message if you don’t recognize the number.

If you want to get a quick answer as to who called me from this number, follow these simple steps.

Finding who called me from this phone number using Free Reverse Phone Lookup Tools

who called me from this phone number

There are a few different free reverse phone lookup tools that you can use to track down the identity of the person and find out whose telephone numbers is this and find who called you from this specific phone number. These tools allows you to see who has been calling from this number in the past and how frequently. You can also use a search engine to locate public records related to whoever called you from this number, such as criminal records or court documents.

The first step to follow on these tools or sites is to enter the phone number that you want to lookup into the search bar. You can also use the “include subdirectory” option if you want to look into a particular area code or prefix.

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What Are The Results Of The Phone Number Lookup?

The results of the phone number lookup will show you the name and contact information of the person who called from this number. You can also see the date and time of the call, as well as the phone number that was used to make the call.

So lets find out who called you using the following free reverse phone lookup tools.

List of Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

The tools mentioned here will help you answer your question of who called me from this phone number. To check this phone number that called you, just enter it in any of the below site and you will get the results.

1. PeopleFinders

If you want to try and track down who called you from a specific phone number, you can use the PeopleFinders.com tool. This website allows you to search through public records and contact information and currently only works for United States. However, the record offered on this site matches with the record of premium sites. It is accurate and the most updated free reverse phone lookup site available on internet.

This is also great tool for finding B2B leads with correct information. It also offers Browser extension which makes it very easy to find any phone number.

However, make sure to read reviews for this site on SiteJabber.com as most of the people have complained recently about its service. Before using its premium service, you should use its free service first.

[Visit Website Here] – [Download from Play Store] – [Download for iOS] – [Chrome Extension]

2. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is a free reverse phone lookup service that allows you to search through public records and find out who called from a specific phone number. You can also see the address, photo and other details of the person who just called you.

This website can also check on social accounts of the person for you so that you can get more information about the person. To find out who called me from this phone number on ZabaSearch, simply enter the phone number and hit the Search Button. It will gather all the available data for you and display on the site.

The free version provides basic and limited information but if you need more detailed information about the person you can always use the premium service offered by them.

Some of the User Reviews on SiteJabber.com are negative so make sure to read them before opting for their premium service

[Visit Website]

3. Spokeo

One of the most popular reverse phone lookup tool that can find records world wide. As compare to its competitors its pricing is much more affordable and the results are also very accurate. You can easy find whose phone number is this and find the real person behind.

The way its tracking mechanism is prepared, it can find any person that is not tracked by its competitor. This makes this tool one of the reputable in the Reverse Phone Lookup category.

As compare to its competitors, Spokeo has more than 970+ reviews on Jabbersite.com where most of the users are satisfied with the results. However, some of the users have reported errors in the records displayed by this tool.

[Visit Website] – [Spokeo for Android]

4. CocoFinder

If you want to find out the callers identity then you need to check this tool out. Its free version is very reliable and provides information about age, name, location, email address, social accounts details and much more. This is the perfect tool when you want to know who called me from this number.

CocoFinder database collects records from different sources and gathers information about people based their footprints left on Internet. The next-gen technology and the super fast servers used by CocoFinder shows the data quickly for you.

This tool is really a save when you want to know who called me from this phone number and need more information about the person.

[Visit Website]

5. TrueCaller

One of popular Android App used by 500+ Million users has a huge database of record. This app directly collects records from people phones and stores in the database. The information is always accurate as people always save phone numbers with real names.

The TrueCaller website also provides free reverse phone lookup features that can help you to know who called me from this phone number.

[Visit Website] – [Android App] – [iOS Download]

6. Intelius

Intelius helps you find the person behind a phone call and find background checks on them. When you get a unknown called and want to know who called me from this phone number, then Intelius is the best option. It has A rating from Better Business Bureau which shows this tool is more transparent and accurate then the competitors.

It is 20 years old service and the premium plan provides very detail information about the person who just called you. The best part about Intelius is that the data is gather by private companies for this tool and that is why it is more reliable than the others.

[Visit Website] – [Android App] – [iPhone App]

7. BeenVerified

One of the reputable reverse phone lookup tool that has in-depth details about the scam and fraud calls made over time. BeenVerified Spam Call Complaint Monitor has recorded entries from more than 50 States and gathered huge list of spam phone numbers. Thus making this site even the most accurate in the Reverse Phone Lookup Industry.

According to a recent report from the Federal Trade Commission consumers lost $27 million to Amazon business impersonation scams alone from July 2020 through June 2021, with a median individual loss of $1,000.

With its huge database of records you are just about to find who called me from this phone number free lookup tool.

[Visit Website] – [Android App] – [iPhone App]

8. SpyDailer

One of the new and easy tool that can find the person who called you from a phone number and provides accurate details. This tool uses public data and provides photo ID, Name and catfish phone number search. When you just google phone number lookup tools, you will find SpyDailer one of them providing detail information about callers.

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9. Instant CheckMate

Any cell phone number or landline number available in public records can easily be tracked using Instant CheckMate. It has huge database with different information about the phone number and you can easily find the owner of the number.

Weather you need the person name, location, Email Id, or Social accounts this tool can go beyond that and provide much more than that. However, with such huge database you have to wait longer for the results to show up on the site.

[Visit Website] – [Android]

10. TruePersonFinder

When you enter the phone number on TruePersonFinder, it provides you information about the person who called you from the number. You don’t need credit card to perform searches on it. It is free to use. The database is world wide and you can search for any number and get information.

[Visit Website]

11. CellRevealer

This is more like user reported records where people post numbers of scammers along with details. Thus making it easy for you to search in recent available data to find information about any number available in the database.

[Visit Here]

12. FindPeopleFirst

If you are looking for who called me from this phone number then it is time to try FindPeopleFirst and get the information about the person real fast. Possible record that you can find on this site is, current location, relatives, vital records, criminal records, age and date of birth, court records, sex offender data, contact numbers and background checks.

[Visit Website]

13. SpyTox

This one is also a free tool and you can find it very easy to use tool. Just like other tools this is one of the tool which also looks for the records on the deep web and internal database. It shows the recent lookup data on the site where you can find most recent search entries.

The site claims to gather data from 2000 different telephone directories, thus making the information accurate.

This is completely free reverse phone lookup service.

[Visit Here]

13. WhitePages

One of the oldest directory established in 1997 where people used to find information about people. It also offers free reverse phone lookup where you can search for cell number or residential and business phone numbers.

You can even run a background check on your tenant using different methods like phone number search and reverse search. WhitePages has been featured on Forbes.com, NBC, The WallStreet Journal and USA Today.


14. EasyPeopleSearch

As the name suggests, it is the easiest People Search tool to find who called you from a phone number. The database of EasyPeopleSearch can even provide financial information, property records, social accounts and other contact numbers of the person. You can easily find out who is calling me from this phone number using this free tool.

[Visit Here]

15. NumLookup

This is directly partner with AT&T,  T-Mobile,Verizon, Sprint and other mobile companies in United States thus provides the most accurate data about the person who is calling you from the number. No credit card is required to perform searches on this site. It is completely free.



The tools outlined above have different databases and gathers data from different sources. It is always recommended to perform your search on all the websites to get different data. It is possible that some data of a particular number may be available with one website and some on the other. This way you can get complete and accurate data by searching on all the free reverse phone lookup sites to find who called me from this phone number.

FAQ for Reverse Phone Lookup

Depending on the database of the website, you can find the following information about a phone number:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Location
  • Email Address
  • Photo
  • Social Accounts
  • Property Details
  • Financial Information
  • Criminal Records
  • Court Cases
  • Background Check

When you enter a phone number on any of the website, it starts searching on its database. The database data is gathered from different sources like Public records, Private companies, User entries and other available sources.

No, this is not possible for any Reverse Lookup Tool to find text messages of a phone number. Text messages are stored in Network database and only agencies and the company itself can access it and it is not available publicly.

Yes, you can use Google as well to find information about a phone number. Enter the phone number with or without country code surrounded by "" to find the exact matches. If the number is shared anywhere on the web, Google will show it up.

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