How to Find Apple Watch or iPhone by Pinging Sound?

Have you lost your iWatch somewhere in your room or other place and want to know how to find apple watch by pining it from your iphone?

iPhone has a perfect feature that allows you to ping your iWatch from WatchOS Control Panel. Whenever your iWatch is lost or misplaced and when you ping the watch from iphone, it starts a pinging sound and can easily locate it.

In most cases people misplace iPhones and they can easily find the phone using the iWatch but when it is the other way around, then here is a step by step guide on how to find apple watch with iphone.

Why People Misplace Apple iWatch?

There are a few reasons that people might misplace their Apple Watch. It’s possible that you lost your Apple Watch, or maybe someone took it away from you. It is also possible that one your kid has taken your iwatch and is playing with it. In either case, there are a few things that you can do to try and find it.

How to Locate Apple iWatch Using Your iPhone?

Don’t confuse these steps with finding your iphone with your iWatch. These steps are for finding your misplaced iWatch using your iPhone. If you want to locate your iPhone using iWatch, then go to the later section of this article.

Before proceeding with these instructions you need to make sure that your Apple iWatch is connected with Internet. If you are using Wifi for internet connection for your iWatch, then make sure your Wifi is active and working.

Step 1: Go to Settings>Find My

How to Find Apple Watch

If you are not logged in to your iCloud account, then login to it.

Step 2: Under “Find My” app you will see list of your apple devices. Click on Apple Watch.

Step 3: When to tap on the Apple Watch, you will see map location. Tap on the Watch icon and you will see a “Play Sound” button.

Ping Apple Watch from iPhone

Click on the Play Sound and your iwatch will start making ping sound. Start looking for your watch by following the sound. When you find your apple iwatch, then click on the “Dismiss” button so that the sound can stop.

This is how you can find your apple watch using pinging sound from your iPhone.

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How to Find Your iPhone from your Apple Watch?

As mentioned earlier, you can always find your iphone using your iwatch. To do so, open your iwatch access your Control Center and then click on the iPhone button as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Find iPhone from your Apple Watch

When you click on the iPhone icon, your phone will start ringing and you can locate it. Just make sure that your iwatch is near range of the phone. If the range is too far, then you will not be able to make connection between these devices.

How Far Does the Apple Watch Reach?

The maximum range of Apple iwatch is 100 meters or 330 feet. The is the maximum range of Bluetooth 4.0. However, in practical this can vary due to the circumstances as the Bluetooth signals can be effected by several things.

However as mentioned above, your iwatch when connected with Wifi can be anywhere in your house and still communicate with your iPhone.

Can you Track Apple Watch if its off?

If the device is connected to your Cloud ID and it is turn off, apple can still locate the device on MAP. However, the pinging feature will not work. Apple can show the approximate location on the map and other details like charge level.

The pinging sound will play as soon as the device is turned on and connected to Internet. You can read more about this feature on Apple Support Page.

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Why Pinging on iPhone or Watch is Not Working?

Sometime the pinging feature may not work on your iPhone or iwatch despite taping on it several times. In order to fix this issue, following tips below.

1. Make Sure Your Device is Connected to Internet

If your iPhone or iwatch is not connected to Wifi, the pinging feature will not work. It will only work when both devices are connected to Wifi and Internet is properly working.

2. Restart Both Devices

Sometime restarting both devices can fix the issue. Try restring your iPhone and iwatch and then try again with the ping feature.

3. Make Sure Bluetooth is Connected

If Bluetooth is turned off, then the pinging will not work properly. Although you can still use Find My app to locate the location of the device, if it is connected to Internet. However, the ping feature will only work when both Bluetooth and Internet is working.

4. Update Your Devices

If a recent update is available for your iPhone or iwatch, then make sure to update them. This can fix the issue as well.

5. Enable Find My Service

The Find My service is very important and you need to make sure that it is enabled. If it is not enable, then neither of the feature i.e Pinging and Location tracking will work on your devices. It has to be turned on and both your devices should be connected with your Cloud ID.

FAQ for How to Find Apple Watch or iPhone by Pinging Sound?

As mentioned above, there could be different reasons why your apple watch might not ping your iPhone. Follow the tips above to fix the issue.

Apple can only show "Last Know Location" if the Find My service was active on the device. If it was not active, then it is not possible to ping or locate the device.

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