Why Is My iPhone Silencing Calls? – 6 Ways to Fix

Are you looking for a quick fix for Why Is My iPhone Silencing Calls?

Here is a detail guide on how to remove iphone silencing and receive notifications whenever you have an important call.

There are different reasons why iphone is silencing your calls and you have to go through all the fix outlined below, so that your issue is resolved successfully. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Your iPhone is silenced when it is locked.
  • Your iPhone is silenced when you have an unknown call.
  • Your iPhone is silenced when you are receiving calls in a group chat.

For most of the people the easiest fix is to rest your iphone but you can loose your data by doing so.

Why Is My iPhone Silencing Calls?

It is not always due to the hardware issue but mostly this is due to the settings of your phone. May be one of your kid has made any changes to your phone setting or you have accidently enabled or disable an important feature.

Sometime when you want to improve your iphone battery life, you make certain changes and one of the feature that relates to your phone ringer is disabled that makes your phone go on silent.

How Do I Fix iPhone Silencing My Calls?

Lets go step by step to fix the issue relates to why is my iphone silencing calls from unknown numbers or why is my iphone silencing calls when locked. Whatever, the situation is you can follow the following steps to unsilence your calls.

Method 1: Check Ringer Volume

One of the obvious reasons is that while playing any video or listening to songs you have reduced your phone volume and forgotten to increase it.

By the way, do you know you can find songs by humming on your iphone.

So lets fix this issue by increasing your ringer volume.

Step 1: Go to Settings>Sounds & Haptics.

Step 2: Increase the Volume for Ringer & Alerts to the Max.

Why Is My iPhone Silencing Calls

Method 2: Check Your iPhone Ringer Switch

Have to pushed the Ringer Switch located at the right side of your iphone down and forgotten to switch it back. This is the most common reasons why your iphone silencing calls happens. To fix this issue, simply switch the ringer button up and your phone will disable the silent mode.

iPhone Silent Switch

Method 3: Turn Off Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb Mode

Sometime, while playing games you may turn on the Focus Mode or the Do Not Disturb mode and forget to turn off. When the phone is in Focus Mode, you will not receive notifications or ring for the incoming calls or messages.

To fix this issue, simply turn the feature OFF.

Step 1: Go to Settings>Focus

Step 2: Click on Do Not Disturb and make sure it is Disable.

If you want to use Do Not Disturb mode but still want to receive calls or notifications from certain People or Apps, then you can also do that by exempting them. In order to use in Do Not Disturb Mode and still receive phone calls or notifications from certain contacts or apps, then follow the steps below.

Go to Settings>Focus>Do not Disturb and click on People and under Allowed people, click on Add People. Select the contacts you want to exempt from Do Not Disturb mode.

How to Turn Off Do No Disturb Mode on iPhone

Method 4: Disable Auto Answering

iPhone has Auto Answering feature which allows you to auto answer the call after certain number of rings. This feature is very helpful when you are in situation where you hands are always dirty, wet or the situation demands not to touch the screen. When this feature is On, you may not know of any incoming calls if you could hear the first few rings. Thus you could miss your important Calls

To disable this feature follow the steps below:

Go to Setting>Accessibility>Touch>Call Audio Routing

why is my iphone silencing calls 2022

Scroll down and Turn Off the Auto Answering feature.

iPhone Auto Answering Call

If it is already Off, the all is good.

Method 5: Disable Silence Unknown Callers

Have you notice that only calls from unknow callers are silenced or calls from all the contacts are silenced. If it is only for the unknown callers, then here is a quick fix for your question why is my iphone silencing calls.

Go to Setting and click on Phone

Make sure the Silence Unknow Callers option is disable. If it is enabled, then disable it.

Silence Unknow Callers on iPhone

Method 6: Bluetooth Audio Connection

If you have connected your earbuds or earphone to your iphone and forget to disconnect it when your earbuds are removed from ears, then you will not hear any sound when your phone rings. You have to disconnect it so that your phone can use speaker for the sound.

To check, weather any audio device is still connected to your phone Go to Settings and click on Bluetooth.

If any device is connected, you will see the status as “CONNECTED” and if it is not, then “NOT CONNECTED” under the “MY DEVICES”.

Disconnect any device that is not in use. Specially any Audio Device.

iPhone Bluetooth Audio Device

The outlined methods above will work for you and you will not need to further look for why is my iphone silencing calls but if your issue is still not fixing, then it is time to check your phone update. If your issue started after any recent update then you have to wait for the next update. Sometime such issues resolves on its own when phone is updated.


iPhone has always very few issues but sometime things can happen and you really need to know what happened that caused a certain issue on your phone. People facing issue on calls that automatically silenced by iPhone can go through the steps outlined above and find out how to unsilence calls on iphone 13 or any later versions. If you are unable to find any solution then it is time to post your issue on Apple Discussion Forum.

Describing your issue in detail will help you get quick fix by an Apple Support member.

FAQ for Why Is My iPhone Silencing Calls

Silencing calls on iPhone only happens when someone has made changes in the Settings. You have to revert back to the original settings so that your calls are not being silenced.

This is mostly due to the featured called "Silence Unknown Callers" or if you have accidently added certain numbers in "Block List".

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