How To Find A Song By Humming on Android and iPhone- 3 Pro Tips for 2022

Humming can be a great way to find songs. If you just need how to find a song by humming for a party or you’re having trouble remembering the lyrics, humming can help. You can use this feature to listen to a list of songs and choose the one that you want to listen to by humming the melody. Once you have found the song, you can read the lyrics if necessary.

What is Song Humming?

Song humming is a form of vocal training that helps singers to improve their pitch and rhythm. It involves humming a tune or song while you sing it. This can be done in private or with someone else, and it’s a great way to improve your singing skills without having to listen to the same recording over and over again. How to find a song by humming can be a tricky task though but there are different techniques that you be used to find any song by humming online.

3 Pro Tips for Finding Song by Humming

1st Method: Find Song by Humming using Google

In 2020, Google launched a new feature called “hum to search” which makes it easier than ever for people to how to find a song by humming and find the title of a song they once knew or heard but are having trouble remembering the lyrics. All you need to do is type in the name of the song you are looking for and Google will provide a list of websites that have the song available for download. Once you have found the website where the song is available, click on the link that takes you to the page where you can download the song.

Step by Step Instructions

First of all you need to select the device you will be using for finding the song by humming. The following devices can be used to how to find a song by humming using Google Assistant.

  • Android Phone
  • iPhone or iPad

1. How to Find Song by Humming on Android Phone?

Step 1:  Locate the Google Assistant on your Phone. It is usually on the Home Screen of your Phone.

how to find a song by humming on google

Step 2: Click on the “Search a Song” button.

google assistant for song humming

Step 3: Start humming the song and look for the results. Once you find the song you were looking for, you can click on it and go to the website for listening or downloading.

2. How to Find Song by Humming on iPhone?

Unlike Android, Google Assistant is not installed on iPhone and you have to download from “App Store”. Although you can use Siri for similar feature but lets use Google Assistant first. It is liking telling Google what is this song?

Step 1:- Download Google Assistant from iOS App Store. Here is the link to the App. If it is not appearing in the App Store, then the app is not available for your country/region.

Step 2: Now following the instructions given above for the Android to find any song by Humming.

Method 2: Using SoundHound for Finding Song by Humming

SoundHound is a app that allows users to find songs by humming. It uses a technology called machine learning which listens to the sounds users make and tries to match them up with the lyrics of a song. This app has been very popular and has been used by many people for various purposes such as how to find a song by humming, finding new music, studying for exams, or just having fun.

soundhound for finding song by humming

For Android Phone

Step 1: Download the app from Play Store.

Step 2: After installation, just click on the button and find song by humming iphone. Once the app successfully finds the song you can then download or listen.

For iPhone

Step 1: Download the app from iOS App Store

Step 2: After the app is installed, click on the button and hum a song. The App will find the song details which you can then use to download or listen to the complete song.

Method 3: Find a Song by Humming using Midomi App

Midomi App for Finding Songs

The Midomi App is a great way to how to find a song by humming. The app has a variety of features, including the ability to search by artist, song title, or genre. You can also browse by track, album, or playlist. The app also has a “suggested songs” function that will recommend songs based on the music you’re currently listening to.

For Android

Download the App from Play Store and just follow the instructions to hum a song and find it.

For iPhone

The app is also available for iPhone. Download from App Store and use the instructions on the App to find a song by humming.

How to Find a Song by Humming Online Using Different Techniques?

As already explained in detail above, you can use three different methods for how to find a song by humming. Lets summarize it so that you can know which techniques are used on the web to find a song.

1. Try Humming The Song To Find its Title

Just mentioned above, you can hum the song to find it. This is simplest method to follow if don’t know the title or the words of the song.

2. Type The Title Into Google And Humming The Song If It Comes Up

If you don’t know the lyrics or you want to be extra sure, type the title of the song into Google and hum it if it comes up as a suggestion. This way, you won’t have to remember the lyrics and this is the perfect way for how to find a song by humming in just a few seconds.

3. Use The Humming Feature With A Song You Know The Lyrics To

If you know the lyrics to the song, you can try humming it while you type the title into Google. This way, you’ll have both the title and the lyrics at the same time. Similarly you can find song by melody as well.


Humming is the best way to remember the title of a song you once heard or knew. If you ever came or find yourself in a situation where you need to find how to find a song by humming or the song title is forgotten that you once knew or heard but are having trouble doing so, Google Search has a great feature that allows you to find a song by humming it without knowing the lyrics of the song so well. Try out these tips to get started.

frequently Asked Questions:

Unfortunately, No Shazam cant find song by humming.

We have already explained three different techniques above. You can follow one to easily find a song by melody.

Yes, you can use the “humming to search” feature on Google to find a song.

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